I found that everything there (at Sky Light) was different than what I had experienced before. The relationships that I found at Sky Light Center was more of a camaraderie. The people are friendly and work together to accomplish a goal of recovery...It's given me opportunity to grow...in a pattern that allowed me to experience life to the fullest.

– Michael Spennato



Sky Light Center offers a path to recovery from psychiatric and substance use disabilities through comprehensive rehabilitation services based in an intentional community setting.


Sky Light Center provides an individualized path to recovery for all through psychiatric rehabilitation services that significantly impact and improve overall quality of life.


  • We believe our community is a haven of support, fellowship, encouragement, exploration and opportunity which is member driven.
  • We strive to affirm member’s talents, strengths and skills by expressing the need for them in the day-to-day operation of the clubhouse.
  • We focus on the wellness of a person rather than the illness.
  • Our decision-making process is inclusive, collaborative and respects the dignity and worth of each individual. This opens the doors to mutual ownership.
  • Members’ individuality and their right to choose permeates every Sky Light Center opportunity.
  • We create opportunities for each member to find a voice in fighting stigma and discrimination through advocacy and education.

Sky Light is a Member of the:

  • Clubhouse International
  • Coalition of Behavioral Health Agencies
  • New York Association of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
  • Clubhouse New York Coalition
  • Staten Island Mental Health Council
  • Staten Island Chamber of Commerce
  • Staten Island Not for Profit Association
  • National Association of Social Workers
  • Human Services Council
  • Association of Community Living
  • Non-Profit Coordinating Committee of New York
  • Supportive Housing Network of NY

Important Features of Sky Light Center’s Programs and Services

  • No Fee Services
  • Lifetime membership
  • Accredited by Clubhouse International
  • Individualized Service Coordination
  • Free meal program
  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Outreach
  • In-house Thrift Shop
  • Advocacy
  • Wellness Program
  • Job Club
  • Transportation Support

Rights of Membership

  • The right to a Place to Come
  • The Right to a Place to Return
  • The Right to Meaningful Relationships
  • The Right to Meaningful Work


Sky Light Center is an accredited member of Clubhouse International. This certification is based on the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs. These Standards are best practices agreed on by consensus of the world-wide Clubhouse community and they define the Clubhouse model of psychiatric rehabilitation. The Standards are based on the values and principles that have driven Clubhouses such as Sky Light to excel in their work of helping adults recovering from psychiatric disabilities stay out of the hospital and achieve social, financial, and vocationally viable lives. Sky Light Center’s accreditation is a credential that affirms that it is operating as a Clubhouse and is in substantial compliance with the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs.

The Clubhouse model is also listed on SAMHSA's National Registry of Evidence based Programs and Practices.

Sky Light Center’s Philosophy

As with all Clubhouse model programs, Sky Light Center is a therapeutic community comprised of both people who are recovering from psychiatric disabilities and generalist staff who work within the program. Work is the focus of Sky Light Center - in the form of voluntary services within the club and as paid employment in the community.

Consumers who are part of the program are called members, not patients or clients, because the program is first and foremost a club with definite rights of membership, including the choice of work activities or whether or not to work at all, choice in the selection of a staff worker, and lifetime right of re-entry and community support services. However, rights of membership are balanced by member responsibilities. Members are expected to assist in operating Sky Light Center by taking on essential tasks, thus reversing the typical provider-recipient role in mental health services. Sky Light Center sends a clear message to members that they are capable, competent, wanted and needed.