As one of the original members of Sky Light, I have seen it come through many changes and challenges. Through it all, the one thing about Sky Light that is most important to me is the sense of community, of belonging. To quote an old TV show theme song, ‘Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came’.

– Angela Cerio


Supported Housing Mission Statement

Our Supported Housing Program is dedicated to providing choices in safe, decent and affordable housing for all tenants. We contribute to the dignity and independence of tenants through non-intrusive, flexible supports at housing sites that are integrated into the larger community.

Sky Light Center's Supported Housing Program

  • Funding from the New York State Office of Mental Health allows members to pay only 30% of their income towards their monthly rent while Sky Light Center issues the check for the balance.
  • Members hold their own leases and pay their rent portion directly to their landlords.
  • The program locates community-based apartments for single adult members.
  • The Sky Light Center's Supported Housing Program adheres to International Standards for Clubhouse Programs.

Supports Offered:

  • Sky Light Center Supported Housing provides service coordination by qualified staff. Program participants chose their own service coordinators. In addition, staff members provide 24-hour emergency support through an on-call system.
  • Non-mandatory monthly apartment visits are offered, in a non-intrusive manner, by service coordinators and the Housing Program staff. The Housing Program also makes regular outreach telephone calls and updates tenants by mail as well as via Sky Light Center's monthly newsletter.
  • Sky Light Center sponsors housing dinners. All tenants are encouraged to participate in the planning, preparation and enjoyment of the dinners. We discuss various housing related issues and provide valuable information in a friendly, social atmosphere.

What Members Say:

"Sky Light Housing enables me to meet the high aspiration of independent living despite the ups and downs of having a mental illness."

"I feel more independent living on my own and I value my privacy."

"Being comfortable in my own apartment, without having to share a bathroom or kitchen with others, makes me feel satisfied and complete."

"Sky Light Center's Housing Program has brought me into the community and it makes me feel part of the life around me and that is what rehabilitation should be about."

"Sky Light Center's Housing Program helps me to learn how to be more independent and responsible for myself."