As one of the original members of Sky Light, I have seen it come through many changes and challenges. Through it all, the one thing about Sky Light that is most important to me is the sense of community, of belonging. To quote an old TV show theme song, ‘Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name and they’re always glad you came’.

– Angela Cerio


Income $2,484,747
Government Grants 2,423,897
Contributions 44,844
Investment Income 15,457
Other Income 549
Expenses $2,400,314
Program Services
Clubhouse 621,097
Recreation 0
Supportive Employment 287,472
Housing 1,172,026
Supporting Services
Administrative Expenses 319,719
Deficit of Support vs. Revenue $84,433
Ending Net Assets $1,341,285
Income $2,486,050
Government Grants 2,425,957
Contributions 44,636
Investment Income 15,402
Other Income 55
Expenses $2,222,966
Program Services
Clubhouse 600,567
Recreation 0
Supportive Employment 275,675
Housing 1,147,923
Supporting Services
Administrative Expenses 198,801
Deficit of Support vs. Revenue $263,084
Ending Net Assets $1,267,265.26
Income $2,463,097
Government Grants 2,342,368
Contributions 67,701
Investment Income 52,706
Other Income 322
Expenses $2,288,162
Program Services
Clubhouse 686,498
Recreation 0
Supportive Employment 336,681
Housing 1,013,397
Supporting Services
Administrative Expenses 251,586
Deficit of Support vs. Revenue $174,935
Ending Net Assets $1,093,717.81

For a digital copy of these financials, or for more information about our organization, please download our media kit.